Why Am I So Sly? Here’s Why.

I am a LEGEND! Don’t believe me? Here’s proof…

When the Governor of New South Wales, Sir William Bligh, initiated a law on the commonwealth of Australia that prohibited the use of spirits as payment for commodities in 1807, he created such turmoil and unsettling among the people of Australia that a great revolt soon ensued – the Great Rum Rebellion of 1808.

Bligh’s daughter, Mary Elizabeth, so ashamed of her father’s tyrannical rule over the people of Australia, secretly began a stealthy campaign of reckoning and retaliation against her father and his troops.  By day she was an aristocratic lady, but by night she slipped away and led a band of outlaws, bandits and pirates to reclaim the people’s taxes and collateral possessions… most importantly, their confiscated rum!

Heralded as a heroine of the people, this “Sly Lady” as she became known, soon became the luminary of the revolt and the bane of Governor Bligh’s governance.  So frustrated was he by her constant barrage of buccaneering and vigilantism that the Governor issued a bounty on her head – unaware that this “criminal” was his own beloved daughter!

Month after month the reclamation of the people’s rum continued until the Governor, infuriated by the daring corsair’s elusiveness, declared a blockade on all imported spirits and the immediate seizure of all rum in the colonies until the surrender or capture of this “‘Sly Bitch’ who has committed cowardly and despicable acts of thievery against Her Royal Majesty’s sovereign governance.”

Unable to bare the further suffering of her cherished people, Mary Elizabeth sprang forth and publicly denounced her father, swearing  atonement for the “Bligh” family name and allegiance to the good people of Australia to forever fight against the oppression of her father and the Royal Monarchy.